"The bird struggles out of the egg. The egg is the world. Whoever wants to be born, must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas " Demian by Hermann Hesse

The character Demian in the bookreveals his belief to Sinclair that the negative and positive aspects of the world — the good and evil — should be combined through the worship of the god Abraxas, “the god who was devil and god in one”

Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man, 1943 by Salvador Dali

Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man, 1943 by Salvador Dali

Abraxas (image from pinterest)


"childhood was, for me, just as good and just as rotten as childhood was for you."

"the man who dies with the most!"




CHILDHOOD imagination

recalling my childhood innocent acts of made up fantasies.

photo taken from V&A museum of childhoodimage of children imaginative acts in V&A childhood museum

image of children getting 'dressed up' for the princess party 1993
Voodoo: mounted by the gods by alberto venzago

White Cube Exhibition - Eddie Peake: Concrete Pitch

sculpture, painting, sound work and performance

‘There’s often a sort of quest for identity in my work – and that, I think, is the staggeringly beautiful thing about being an artist. You are afforded the luxury of creating a space for yourself as an individual in the world.’

It was amazing that Peake turned the exhibition hall into his own playground. I love how imitates playground floor textures using hard plastic on steel tables. From his statement, elements from his childhood like graffities, dancing, football is used as his inspiration to his art. He recreated the neighbourhoods with lines of steel trollies, items purchased from shops, statues of distorted shapes (probably his imaginative images). These have given a tense atmosphere, in response to the theme of reveal and conceal.

He have been looping sounds, slightly altered in between by the DJ. For Peake, these are loops of thought or behaviour associated with compulsion, obsession and depression in relation to the dim pink light shine through every single corner of the gallery.

Referring to the sound track suggested in the Voodoo research, I can make good use of it to create a world of my own work. I am not very liking the graffiti style of his, but the concept of reveal and conceal his childhood playground relates my project of light and dark of the people I know. I can use different media to show my final fashion design like him.


Peony [LIGHT]

symbolises beauty in all forms, just like human skin. To me, people use all sorts of ways, no matter it is good or bad to make them look beautiful, aiming to be the perfect human being in others eyes. 

Through watching the blooming peony time laps, I realise that each of the hundreds of petals struggling to bloom prettier than others applies well in the complicated skin tissues of human being trying to shine hard to show off.

I might do textile pieces inspired by this layers of petals with motion. Can be achieved by using light weight materials so that it moves when body moves or wind blows.

White by Stephanie Busuttil

Dolls making 

Book: Supertoys : a user's manual

This book shows many demos of deconstruct and reconstruct toys into something more meaningful to the maker. The one shown in the image with the Teletubbies head and barbie legs is a work made by an elementary student. This could be how he think of his mother. I believe that Toys/ Dolls reflects one's childhood memories. 

I am planing on going to antique markets and charity shops to search for some materials and toys which recalls my childhood, then remake it into voodoo dolls.

Book: Dolls by John Noble

The author told us that dolls are a symbol of childhood. It projects something of their creator. Through the doll, we can extend our identity, or escape from it. Dolls can be our ideal or hated self. Whilst voodoo doll have a usage of control somebody else. 

Characteristics of dolls:

  • skin surface is left white (porcelain, subtle colour and excellent craftsmanship)
  • mostly made by papier-mache – a cheaper alternative
  • follows current fashion

Refer back to the voodoo research, I decided to divide the project into light and dark. The white skin characteristic of the dolls can be an element to my design. It should be delicate, fine, detailed, in subtle colour. Material used must be clean such as papier-mache, wax, paperclay, resin, soft clay.

Hong Kong traditional toys to scare off evil spirits

White Cube Exhibition - He Xiangyu: Evidence

installation, sculpture and video

"He’s new works develop out of the themes and experience of making The Swim and foreground the poetics and sensorial energy of material and the role of the hand in our physical relationship to landscape, history and the objects that surround us."

The aim of swimming across Yalu River to North Korea is to better understand of the 'cruelty' of the landscape.

At the very beginning of the exhibition, a video recording the whole process of how he bend the copper wire with his bare hands. Another screen beside that shows a documentary film of him swimming in the sea. I didn't undestand what he was trying to express at first. But could tell that the bending of wire relates to the experience he got from the strength of waves and the shapes of landscape from his 'swim'. A second room shows the whole collection of his bended wire, laid out tidily in line and with rhythm of large and small. Most of them seemed to be colour toned by burning. I love the abstract form of each one of them. 

In relation to my project, this could be how I should exhibit my dolls at the very end. Or perhaps I should do a documentary video of my experience throughout the project.



Learning Printmaking and weaving techniques from an Artist - Portobello Market

An artist from XinJiang, China

Me and Shakira were trying to source cheap useful materials from Portobello Market on the 17th Feb. On our way back to the station, we noticed a store selling hand dye fabrics like scarfs and then we saw that interestingly weird shaped hat hanging on the store, and started a chat with the seller curiously asking how her products are made. 

We have learnt alot by showing our interest in her products as she described the making and dying process, materials and how complicated each one was made in detail. Most of the fabrics are woven, cotton and silk as they show better colour payoff. She have been using natural materials found in woodlands around her eg Gardenia, Sappan Wood. And through many experiments, she can get controll of the colour she wants. I prefer using natural dye as well, first because it doesnt harm the earth; Second, I can see the difference between that and the chemical ones, these has a more natural SUBTLE colour pay off. They are too beautiful and unique that I couldn't describe. 


  1. choose the right fabric (mostly cotton, silk) 
  2. tie them with threads just like the hat. (we never know how the dye will end up looking)
  3. cook natural ingredients to achieve the coloured water for fabric dye.
  4. Soak them in water, let them dry, then repeat the process untill the colour is dark enough
  5. release the threads and iron.

Noticing that the ideal textured fabric is not the colour we wanted most of the time, I could learn how to hand dye myself in additional of other material will be more fun. Planning is needed as it takes alot of time for testing. Natural dye can be obtained from daily bases such as beet root, carrot, flowers, etc. I might want to make some of the textile piece by using the thread tying technique in relation to my own patterns.




Layout and Colours of my sketchbook

-Drawn using chalk, pencil, ink-

-tint of single colour-

-stay simple-

-comic like layout-


Quattro Stagioni: Autunno 1993–5 - Cy Twombly

'The pearl buttons of London's charity - collecting coster kings and queens spell out of their territory. 19th century, Patterns : stars, bells, flowers, trees id life, teapots, donkey carts, flying birds, lozenges, spirals, "faith Hopes and Charity"

Book : Magic symbols of the world - Costers wearing their own pearl patterns of symbols

Have been loving the shoes and would like to use similar one for fashion design.

These are all designed the same as the children were wearning in the 19th century


Doll shoes in V&A, inspired by the shoes children wearing in the 19th centuryIMG_9351.jpg

Puppet are controlled by human beings (me). They tell stories. Javanese shadow puppets are rod puppets made using decorated leather, with detailed cutting holes. Shadow puppets are shown not only as how they are (light), they can be hiding behide a white cloth showing only the shadow. (dark).  I might transform the dolls to shadow puppet.

Javanese shadow puppets 1920 - 1940
Chinese baby sling - flowered red cotton patch embroidery on silk meaning long life and good fortune or riches and nobility