Library Research - 11-15th FEB

I decided the focusing area/concept before I head to the library. There is an image of purity, flower petals with a small area of strong colour. That is the reason why I wanted to do light and dark is to challenge myself to have a colour palette with a huge contrast. Moreover, I was using too many colours or bright colours in the past. So the limitation of this project is using WHITE as the palette, I am very excited to see how wide I can extend the boarder of WHITE. But after reading the WHITE books, art pieces in white can be black and white or in subtle pastel shades of colour (tiny tint of colour), I decided to loosen the limit to peony colour, that is mostly White to burgundy. 

I spent a long time in the library reading details of the artist's words of VOODOO to learn more about this culture as I have been loving the idea of voodoo dolls. The stunning images shown in his adventure are the key inspiration to my project. They includes the people, properties, dolls, shrines, which could easily image which direction of mood this project would be about. The concept was still very vage at that moment, because I was frustrated by the small range of knowledge about voodoo. Then I came up with the idea of creating my own VOODOO culture based on my childhood - DOLLS symbolises CHILDHOOD. These dolls should not be ordinary porcelain human figured dolls. But constructed using something related to my childhood eg barbie dolls, marbles. A sourcing day to Portobello market was then planned to get second hand toys.

There are times when I dont know which kind of books I should be researching on in the past. So I learnt to be well prepared before heading to the library by using the UAL library book search engine, and descide which kind of topic I wanted to search. This time I focused on VOODOO, DOLLS, WHITE and DARK COMICS. Dark comics has some unique humours that I can learn from in presentation ideas and sketchbook layouts. 

I am so far satisfied by the library research part and able to complete Task 1 and 2.

White Cube Exhibition - 16th FEB

Have been searching TIME OUT LONDON seeking for art exhibition that relates my project.  Eddie Peake: Concrete Pitch in White Cube best relates to my "Childhood' idea, and have been wanting to see how he have recreated his childhood playground. When I entered the exhibition hall, I could sense a mysterious adult hood atmosphere of looping DJ music and dim pink light, Looks like the artist is trying to express how he see his childhood now, and the change of his playground as he is getting older. 

I went to this exhibition not only to complete the exhibition task, but the relation of content of the exhibition and my project motivates me to visit. I hope the combination of his childhood elements can inspire my voodoo making.

Material Sourcing Day - 17th FEB

It was interesting that I limit myself  for what I have to buy, but toto spend more time in the market to search for lost items that I could recall my childhood. This made my day even more exciting to explore every corner of the market. I used to source on materials through department stores, fabric shops, charity shops, etc; They usually come with a standard price, but here, I can argue to have a lower price if it is reasonable. The sellers are all really nice if you are nice to them, most of the items i got are in a price that im satisfied with, for example, a 10 pound twin victorian dolls with descent clothing, 1 pound for ken and barbie... I have to learn on estimating the value of the item through the usage, quality, and if there are broken parts, i would ask for a lower price, Communication is extremely important. Also, I have learnt some fabric manipulation (dye, materials) skills from a seller selling natural indigo hand dye products. They do unique fabrics, and I would like to ask them for supply me some customised fabrics in the future. 

Overall, I was satisfied by what I have got and will deconstruct and reconstruct them from my childhood experience.


Dolls making - 20th FEB

A long period of hesitation happened as I kept on asking myself what is the point of remaking the toys, what is the reason or story behind? Is there any research to back up my recreation?... A long period of time in this reading week was wasted, thinking back, I can actually start reconstruct the toys straight away after buying them. Because even I dont have a clear story behind, there are still some reason why I put arms and legs to the giraff with little small capsules on the body. I started to recall my memory of having a chinese meditation (cupping therapy) on my arms and legs, using glass flask to pump out bad blood under my skin after poking little small holes, and because it involves fire, dripping wax is included. It was such a hard time. Now I am confident on doing more of these to get ready starting my sketchbook by doing collages from my own interpretations on the object.

Refer back to the research, voodoosi uses nails on dolls. So i could predict handling dangerous materials this project like nails and glass. Safety gloves and masks are needed to prevent getting cut or poisoned.

To fulfill my aim and objectives

  1. use more variations of material that are not usually seen on people's garment.
  2. produce a collection of reconstructed toys for presentation through out the project
  3. look more inspiration related to animism, magic, voodoo from exhibitions and research ouside fashion
  4.  attend doll making eg porcelain, ceramics workshops, to gain experience
  5. clearly define what are the purpose of dolls, why are they related to childhood and the reflection of the owner.
  6. Always think about two sides of the object, light and dark


  1. recall their memory of their childhood
  2. to tell that everyone has their own voodoo, always believe in their fantasy


  1. We are allowed to choose between light or dark
  2. human skin are fake


  1. toys
  2. symbols
  3. magical spells
  4. voodoo


  1. white and pink palette


  1. my childhood
  2. my opinion on one story about a person, eg a bad teacher
  3. the meaning of peony
  4. voodoo culture
  5. witchcraft


Green Man - Concept research

I went to visit the harrods once the brief was given, planning to observe on the Green Men. There were not many of them that day (only two) and was standing outside harrods opening doors and taxi doors. Both of them have huge bodies, strong looking, and a large tummy, Probably that is the signature of them, being a friendly man. In my opinion, the importance of their job is to give Harrods a good image. I took a photo with him and some beautiful interiors then left without any concept inspired for the project.

Then I went on looking to the history, services, 10 facts about Harrods, and have been loving the fact that Harrods used to have a pet department selling exotic animals like lions and snakes. I absolutely love to have the pet department to come back and that is my concept. 


Green Man - March 6-8

I was a bit stuck at the moment as in super unproductive after placing the lion drawings and the Egyptian design of the elevator wishing to develop into print. It looks so boring by using realistic lion features, so I experiment to draw out different abstract lion heads with different mediums and materials like heat press foil wishing to achieve something. Those designs can be made into buttons for green man's uniform. 

Looking back to the green man images, I found something in common, ALL GREENMAN HAS BIG TUMMY. And that can be the focus part of the garment I want to make, maybe a protection gear in front of their tummy (double protection). This can be then developed by researching British war gear or protection outfits back in the world war. 

Comment Section - 26th Feb

I have tried to describe the concept of my project. But I do not think that I express well on the main idea about thinking people having a fake skin and a hidden dark self, maybe because it is a bit personal, or perhaps the experiences I had was too vage. I am still not having a clear mind of how to express the deeper meaning. But my groupmates understands most of my concept and thinking it is cool and interesting. Vian told me about a jewellery designer she saw in magazine doing accessories made with parts of barbie dolls and then collage with silver wire, I appreciated it but that does not look like what I wanted. Also another girl told me about watching a document of people in jail look normal, but they actually did serious crimes, at the same time, they still didn't realise they are wrong.  This can be applied to the voodoo dolls.

I have given an artist that is so meant to be Vian's next research target : Damien Hirst. As they are doing similar concept of life and death, having living objects preserved, to show the evil side of human. Finding that her project have been lacking of context at the very first few pages, we relooked at her research movie, Perfume, and suggested to research on the props and colour palette used in the movie, as each of them has a meaning to the theme, she can apply that into her project as well.


Green Man - March 5

It has been taking a very long process for concept consideration as I have to think about if it is interesting and different with other people. I have been showing Gail today what I have been looking on of harrods, focusing on the pet department. And Gail gave me an advice on watching the documentary of Christain the Lion. A touching reunion story of two man raising a lion bought from Harrods. I then decided my project to be "Pet Department Please Come Back", which means me wanting the Pet department to come back. It is very hard to visualise this concept, but I tried by collaging historical harrods images of exotic pets, cap-screen of the documentary, and the current interior design that I took before hand. To move forward, I was doing mark makings from interesting shapes from the collages for print development.  


Green Man - 12 March

Realising that there are no time for me to consider the layout of pages as they are stressing me out, my sketchbook has been more messy as it used to be, but I love it more that way. As it shows my personality and the wide range of exploration of prints and colours. I do not want to limit myself to use green for this project because Green Man is too green and I hated it. Flipping through my sketchbook, I can see a flow of development which I do it better than my past sketchbooks. Design elements are clearly shown, pages communicates well. I have been focusing on one sample/ design to development. It saves more time and not producing things that are not useful. DRAWINGS are the key to good sketchbooks.


I came out with an idea of collaging the image of lion and my fave interiors for print designs as the shapes in collages are not enough to support. I then took squared pictures of detailed prints then laid it out with the lion image overlay on top to clearly see which print are my fave. I then narrowed it down by focusing parts of it. 

Green Man - War imperial Museum

According to the project brief, I went to the war imperial museum wishing to look for related items. I couldn't find any thing related as most of it was talking about world war in the olden days, What fascinates me are the protecting gear and textures of the lost items which can be inspiring for uniform designs and textiles for Green Man's uniform - To remake green man's uniform... I am happy that I took alot of detailed photos which might benefit my further researches. 

Green Man - 13 March

I have improved alot in making samples as they are carefully considered in material and relation to my drawings, most importantly to consider if my sample is a piece of textiles. People have been commenting about my samples are like a fine art piece, a wearable objects. I had been reflecting alot. 

Have been watching some craft tutorial videos that aids my lack of knowledge in making textiles with different material, it helps alot with my new inventions. People have been asking me how I did it in the crit, and I am not afraid to share how i did it as I am confident to my image transfer liquid clay.


Progress Tutorial

It was a shame that there are not enough out of book samples to as it is only three of them. In combination of the Unit 7 project and the Green Man project, the amount of work is acceptable to me but many more can be done. Gail have been giving me good comments about the drawings in my sketchbook as it communicates well to show my concept. She have been trying to push me forward a little by giving me suggestions of using the samples as a part of the uniform of the green man. The overall comments are positive. I hesitated when Gail asked me about if I am happy to continue doing the Green Man, at that moment I said Yes as it is the first time doing Live project. It can be a good chance to learn how to collaborate with companies, learning their histories and giving myself lots of limitations as I am designing for the company not myself. Thinking that the outcomes should be beneficial to them. But at the same time it stresses me out as I am not confident enough to compete with others. I should push myself forward and try my very best. 

Live Project Critique - 15 March

It has been a very short time since the start of the project, my sketchbook are in progress and only small samples can be shown. After the progress tutorial, I managed to do one more sample that is a new technique to me on using liquid clay to transfer image to a tile like piece of plastic. I did a sample of placing them on a fabric just like the British soldier armour. My peers have been loving it and curious to what it is made of, I pulled my self from sharing the technique as it is my new investigation hoping to own a unique textiles technique in the future, kind of afraid people could copy my technique. But after more of thinking, I shared to them and even showed them where I get the materials from (fimo liquid clay). Thinking that it was quite selfish to not sharing my experience, there are even tutorials in youtube, so there are no reason to keep it to my self. Moreover, I can expand this technique to a new level to the point where people think that the technique is a mystery if there are more time.

I was grouped with a fashion student in the afternoon. It was quite surprised that she have been doing a product design from Harrods project inspired by the salmon sold in their food hall which was absolutely interesting. I love how she holds onto the things that she wanted to do and not afraid on other's comments. But I cannot see too much of the development in her sketchbook as the ideas are very jumpy and many projects are placed into one book. It was very hard to give her comments but saying that she has nice ideas.

I was so surprised and unexpected to be chosen to be one of the people doing the live project. I dont really care about the awards but to take this as a good opportunity to learn how to collaborate with companies outside school, to have a taste of working in a company.

21 March

A day helping out Final year student, learning where to get 4D materials and new textile technique. He asked me to a new place that I have not been before to buy material before, the 4D model shop in Whitechapel. I can buy materials that can be made into interesting textiles without using only ribbons and fabrics. This day I experienced on the whole process of making slime for garment, from sourcing to making and colour choosing. He told me that never do secret techniques in the public in school as there are chances that people who pass by might copy the techniques. And also the slime we made that consists many rocks have to look good in both far and close. I can see different visual effects in both of them.


Green Man - 22 March

Samples Making evaluation

my samples are made based on the collage at the research pages, my hand drawn prints and the Lion image

  • lion is the main character of my project
  • Going to merge the element of Chinese lion dance
  • Doing to observe each part of the head eg teeth to do detailed textile
  • make a model of lion head for draping
  • Furry, crumbly, thick black lines, gold and black



  • Drawing on fabric for pattern printing
  • pleats
  • adding paints on pleats to show more depth to textures 
  • liquid clay image transfur
  • collage of materials.

This is the day before Easter break and I am totally in holiday mood. We were asked to do 3 samples that day but I only managed to do two of them. First is because the pleats have too me too much time, second is there are lack of inspiration to do samples in my sketchbook as they are not interesting enough to do textures. So I came up with an idea of doing more drawings from the photos in my sketchbook with details and my own interpretations through using different mediums. 

2 April

Another technique learnt as being a helper for final year that is beneficial to my green man project - Bondaweb. It is a sheet consists of two layers. one with web and one with paper. It is a more professional way on transferring paintings/ drawings onto the garment, We are meant to be painting on the web side then place is facing to the fabric leaving the heat proof paper side on top. This can be then heat pressed onto the fabric. This is a way to change the colour of the fabric and add hand drawn or lazer printed patterns. Most of the time fabrics buy in shops has to add additional jobs to achieve the effects we want. The down side is that it leaves a shiny surface on top as it reflects light when its swaying. 


I saw him weave without pulling down the yarn as it leaves checkered holes in between and then use glue to fix it when its done. I have never thought of this as I usually push everything down when weaving


4 April

The project goes on by making many resin lion buttons. Another textile that my peer have been loving. I have carved my own lion using soft clay and then baked it to keep it in place and hardened, same method of liquid clay. Then many silicon moulds are placed on the clay to create multiple of then beneficial to save time doing resin as it dries out too slow.

I am planning on doing a super huge piece of combined tiles with lion head sticked on top. The progress of the sketchbook is very slow as I am focusing on making samples. More small swatches should be done.


5 April

Realised that time flies of my Easter holiday as the deadline is coming closer (9th April) and realised that the progress is not acceptable as garment design hasn't go through. I regret that I have been focusing on helping out final year instead of spending time to my project, knowing that I can learn many from him such as garment making skills, pattern cutting and tracing, where to source materials, estimating price of materials, textile techniques, etc. Some of them are even an inspiration to my project. 

Going back to my sketchbook, It feels like more about harrods can inspire my and to push me forward. So I revisited it again and took many detailed images on the interior and experience again as their costumers. Unfortunately I didnt see one single green man. Despite to that, I looked for another green man, the green man bear. The route to toy kingdom was recorded with photos hoping that I can do more samples from it. It is quite sad to know that Harrods bear that was used to be in Toy kingdom was moved to the souvenir corner to benefit tourists. 

I should work harder everyday from now on the keep up the progress hoping to get the outcome of a garment which can be challenging to me.

7 April

I am testing out Bondaweb on tiles today and it turns out surprisingly good, it is fine to have failed swatches through out the pages, to remind myself to prevent the same mistake.  Surprisingly the result can be achieved by using iron at home. The additional job I have to do is to press the iron hard just like heat press machine. The best way to the result is to turn the temperature to the max and then press it onto the bondaweb with force for 20 minutes, let it cool, then peel off the paper on top. It is quite difficult to peel the paper, so just simply bend the fabric , edges might come off easily. 


Green Man Crit - 9th April

Knowing that I haven't get enough amount of work, I went to school without confident. Just as I expected, many of the people have nearly finished their project with their outcome shown in the morning, in comparison, I still haven't started my own garment design development. I just had my samples done. I understand that I should not compare myself with others, but this tells that I have to be super hard-working the next week. My 4D buddy absolutely love my colour palette. She said that I sustained my palette well. But she commented that there are a slight change of colour during the garment development, and really expected to see my garment that day. Another major comment is that my research on pet development is not enough. I understand that Harrods is a company, and many of their story are a secret or only their staff would know. It is very hard to research online or finding articles about the pet department, resources are very limited. It would be the best to do an interview with the staff, but there are no time for me to head to harrods again for interview. I would say its a bit too late. 

Green Man - 10th April

After speaking with Patricia, I notice that there are lack of small swatches of tiles apart from the final outcome development. I should try more variations of ribbons or to try out the best way to place them to make it more perfect. It is expected to be done in the fashion development part. To be honest, I do not think that I have time to do the garment piece before Friday for the shoot. But I will try my best to produce more out of sketchbook samples to perfect for the shoot. If have more time, I would do the garment. At this point, I feel very sorry for the one that chose me to be one of those who do live project. I did not spend enough time on my project, but I am doing my very best right now, so that I wont regret after the deadline. I will hand in all what I have done.